"Catastrophic" Ice Storm Freezes Toronto, Mayor

A severe ice storm struck southern Ontario and the northern U.S. over the weekend, delivering prolonged power outages and disrupting holiday travel. Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was allegedly unreachable after the storm.

In the aftermath of a dangerous ice storm, 219,000 Toronto residents remain in the dark Monday afternoon. And according to Toronto Hydro, in will take several days, and likely into the weekend, for power to be restored to many homes and businesses. "Earlier, Toronto Hydro's chief executive officer Anthony Haines said it was 'truly a catastrophic ice storm that we have had here, probably one of the worst we've ever had'," reports the BBC

"Torontonians are used to snow, but an ice storm is something different - and dangerous," notes Alix Kroeger. "Virtually every tree branch and twig is encased in ice. Many streets are blocked by fallen branches and festooned with yellow safety tape where live power lines have come down."

According to reports in The Toronto Star, the city's embattled mayor was missing in action on Sunday morning, as "city officials, staff and cleanup crews worked to repair the havoc caused by an icy storm." Mayor Ford declined to declare a state of emergency, apparently against the suggestion of his Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who "said on CP24 'there is a considerable feeling' a state of emergency should be declared."

Full Story: Toronto ice storm leaves many facing cold, dark Christmas


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