The Ancient Cities Lost to Time and Tides

While the 2000-year-old quest to locate the submerged island of Atlantis continues to this day, plenty of cities have suffered the same fate. The futurist website io9 looks at several "once-majestic" cities now buried beneath the sea.

"No great metropolis stands forever," writes Vincze Miklos. "Eventually, every city falls. Some due to war, others to disaster. But the saddest and most poignant ruined cities might be the ones which have been swept under the ocean. Here are some of the most beautiful submerged cities."

What follows is a photographic tour through 12 submerged cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean whose archaeological secrets are trapped beneath the sea and centuries of sand and silt. 

Full Story: Once-Majestic Cities That Sank Beneath The Ocean


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