NYC Mayoral Candidate Positions on Planning Issues

From stop-and-frisk to sugary sodas to popular pedestrian plazas, The New York Times reviews the positions of NYC's candidate pool on the important issues -- many of them planning-related -- facing the Big Apple's next mayor.
Jim.henderson / Wikimedia Commons

The candidates have weighed in on several major issues as the race has heated up. This feature from The New York Times runs the gamut of issues that the next mayor will have authority over. 

Notably, Anthony Weiner has said that he would keep the pedestrian plazas implemented by Janette Sadik-Khan, but only if they do not add to congestion: "When Mayor Bloomberg and transportation officials introduced pedestrian plazas to the city's streetscape, they hailed the spaces for their ability to reduce traffic and cut air pollution. But Mr. Weiner appears unconvinced, saying that he would support more plazas, but not at the 'cost of additional congestion and pollution.'"

When it comes to parks, most of the candidates agree that leasing public land for a soccer stadium would not be a good idea, though the Republicans on the ticket and Anthony Weiner say they would consider it. 

The city's popular bike lanes get the campaign trail treatment, as well. Most of the candidates say they would expand or maintain them, while the Republicans and Weiner on the ticket appear to have some hostility toward the lanes and the Citi Bike bike share program. Former MTA chairman Ray Lhota replied, "...that he would increase the number of lanes, though he called for 'common sense in their placement.' In the past, he has said that he 'could see' removing existing lanes that he deemed problematic, mentioning that some bus drivers along the B63 route in Park Slope, Brooklyn, had complained about sharing space with bike riders."

Full Story: Where the Mayoral Candidates Stand on Key Issues


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