Explore Ireland's Green Credentials for St. Patrick's Day

Kaid Benfield suggest 5 ways to "rock the Irish green" in honor of St. Paddy's Day. If you can't experience the holiday on the Emerald Isle, you can at least partake in an appreciation of the country's environmental efforts with these suggestions.

"Check out (at least virtually) the rural Irish ecovillage at Cloughjordan, in County Tipperary," is one of Benfield's recommendations. "I described the project back in 2009, when it was new, noting that its founders aimed to build 130 green homes within an existing town in need of regeneration, while conserving land for forest preservation and sustainable farming outside the village." 

Another (well taken) recommendation is to down a pint of Guinness, "with the knowledge that the venerable brewery is embracing sustainable practices in a number of ways."

Of course, what appreciation of Ireland could leave out its stunning landscape? "I’m sure we all have our favorites," says Benfield, "but so far, this is mine.  It’s every bit as green as legend in song and story has it, frequently 'misty wet with rain' but seldom with downpours.  I find it calming, magical, and, as an environmentalist, motivating."

Full Story: Five ways to rock the Irish green on St Paddy's day


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