Serving the Needs of Seniors: Solutions in Practice

We've long focused on the *what* when providing housing for seniors. Today Hazel Borys reminds us that the *where* is equally critical, if not more so.

"Last month we talked about Connections, Community, and the Science of Loneliness, in which I lamented my parents’ generation lack of active communities geared toward people of all ages," says Borys. "Since then, I’ve looked a little more deeply into some of the newer neighborhoods designed around livability, to see which of them are offering especially graceful aging options."

"My partner Ben Brown has pointed out that nothing in our $51 billion dollar age-segregated housing market provides quality of life that matches dwelling among our extended families. What if that market offered smaller homes — like cottages, condos, and row houses — within walking distance to both daily needs and larger family homes? Within walking distance from kids and grandkids? The most successful age-segregated housing taps into nearby communities, whether historic neighborhood centres, or newer mixed-use developments. Co-housing and multigenerational communities are advanced solutions."

Borys goes on to look into solutions currently in place at Kentlands and a number of other TNDs across the US. She then offers up an illustrative plan of what a Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC) would look like fully integrated into a walkable Main Street neighborhood.

Full Story: Serving the Needs of Seniors: Solutions in practice


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