One of F.L. Wright's Most Innovative Houses Threatened

As Vanessa Quirk reports, the house Frank Lloyd Wright designed for his son, David, is one of the renowned designer's "more unusual architectural specimens." Located in Arcadia, Arizona, the home is at imminent risk of demolition by developers.

Constructed from 1950-52, the David Wright House has been described by Neil Levine, architectural historian and Harvard professor, as "one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most innovative, unusual and personal works of architecture."

Levine continues, "it is the only residence by the world-famous architect that is based on the circular spiral plan of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, whose construction followed it by six years. When the house was first published in 1953, it was stated that no other Wright house since Fallingwater was as praiseworthy and remarkable. Since then its reputation has only increased and several architectural historians and architecture critics consider it to be among the 20 most significant Wright buildings."

According to Quirk, an online petition to the City of Phoenix has been set-up while the city deliberates "whether to bestow historic preservation and landmark designation upon the of right now, they're 360 signatures short of their 1,000 person goal."


Full Story: UPDATE: Save A Frank Lloyd Wright! Sign the Petition Now!


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