Enviros Want To Nix Fireworks on the Fourth: Locals Say Nay

In pollution-heavy San Joaquin Valley of California's Central Valley, some cities are considering replacing Fourth of July fireworks with laser light shows. Locals aren't so sure.

Environmentalist efforts are putting a strain on upcoming Fourth of July celebrations. In areas like the San Joaquin Valley, which already grapples with daily high levels of air pollution, some are hoping to turn to pollution-free laser light shows, instead of the long-standing tradition of fireworks.

As Lauren Henry, of Governing writes, "In an effort to control air pollution in the smog-prone region, the The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District offered three towns in the valley up to $10,000 to celebrate the Fourth of July with a laser light show to replace fireworks."

But, with a laser light show costing "close to $40,000 for the show alone,...[n]one of the towns accepted the offer."

"You can't have a Fourth of July show with just light beams," said Angie Avila, CEO of King's District Fair in Hanford, CA, "[t]he fourth of July just isn't the fourth of July if you don't have fireworks."

Full Story: Laser Light Show Grants Fall Flat in Favor of Fireworks


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