Facebook's New Infographic: Where Are We 'Checking In'?

Tyler Falk reports on new data released by Facebook, mapping the top 5 "social landmarks" in 25 cities from Seoul to São Paulo.

Last week, social networking giant Facebook crunched the numbers on where its users are "checking in" the most in cities across the globe. Its analysis labels these venues "social landmarks," though perhaps unsurprisingly, those that came out on top tended to be places you might just find yourself dawdling on your smartphone: sports arenas, shopping centers, and big-name American chain restaurants (like Hard Rock Cafe and T.G.I. Friday's). Notably, public squares and parks topped many lists, as well.

For those not in the know, "checking in" is a feature of social networks whereby users can announce their physical presence (at a bar, mall, or other enviable locale) in the digital realm. Facebook unveiled its "check-in" feature roughly a year and a half ago.

"While these destinations are considered 'social' places in Facebook terms," Falk opines, "they might be just the opposite in real-life terms."

Full Story: Graphic of the Day: The World's Most 'Social' Landmarks


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