Consumer 3-D Photography Arriving Soon

Mark Wilson profiles a breakthrough 3-D scanning technology that may soon changed the way we catalog spaces and share objects.

Of potential use to a variety of industries, from architecture, to real estate, and entertainment, "Matterport is a 3-D scanner that has the potential to easily digitize indoor spaces. It's intended to 'work like a 3-D point and shoot camera,' and anyone walking through a room can use it to essentially film a true 3-D layout with photorealistic textures," writes Wilson.

Utilizing hardware similar to a Microsoft Kinect, Matterport's custom software is the key to unlocking the commercial potential in creating "3D models of physical objects and interior spaces quickly, easily, and automatically."

For those that salivate at the thought, Wilson notes that, "The Matterport, in some incarnation, should be available later this year for an undisclosed price."

Full Story: New “Point and Shoot” Camera Creates 3-D Maps, In Minutes


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