New Visualization Tool Could Transform Project Impact Analysis

Ariel Schwartz profiles a promising new 3-D tool that allows planners to visualize traffic, noise, and pollution impacts of proposed projects.

The new software has been developed by the German-based Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, who focus on investigation of current topics in the field of technology management.

Schwartz lists just one of the potential uses for the new tool:

"the Fraunhofer researchers visualized the noise levels if gas-powered vehicles were taken off the road and electric cars dominated. Surprisingly, noise levels would remain similar. 'Admittedly, you can barely hear electric cars when starting up,' explained Roland Blach, department head at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, in a statement. 'At about 30 kilometers per hour, however, you start to hear rolling noises that can get really loud at speeds of 50 kilometers per hour.'"

Unfortunately, as Schwartz notes, "Fraunhofer hasn't revealed when (or if) the tool will be made available to the public."

Full Story: A 3-D Tool To Let Urban Planners Visualize Traffic, Noise, And Pollution


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