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New Technology Simplifies 3D Space Mapping, in the Palm of Your Hand

Tech Crunch's Jay Donovan reports on a new app developed by Metaio, a leader in Augmented Reality technology, that allows users to map their own 3D space with a smartphone or tablet. The possibilities for planners and designers seem endless.

Metaio's new software, called Creator Mobile, allows users to produce what has largely been available only to professional laser surveyors, a digitized 3D map of a space. In his article, Donovan provides a video demonstrating the new technology, which when used in conjunction with Metaio's desktop solution, called Metaio Creator, will allow users to add their own digital, Augmented Reality content to a surveyed space.

"The implications for retailers are obvious - add your own digital posters or videos to your store walls. Swap out the content whenever you like or even personalize for individual customers. All for free and without technical expertise.", writes Donovan.

The software's application for planners and designers seems even more promising, as say a 3D place-based information source working with Augmented Reality enabling eyewear being developed by firms such as Google, or as a visioning tool for designing and presenting projects.

Full Story: Map Your Own 3D Space With Metaio Creator Mobile


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