Farm Chic is the Latest Trend in Housing Developments

In the '00s, housing built around golf courses was all the rage. Stephanie Simon reports that today's consumer wants to live next to an organic farm, vineyard or other micro-rural setting.

Simon theorizes that agriculture-lite is the hot new real estate strategy is driven by "...environmental concern, nostalgia for a simpler life and a dollop of marketing savvy."

She interviews the principal developer behind Bundoran Farm, "...a 2,300-acre development set amid apple orchards and cattle pastures outside Charlottesville, Va." While development has slowed with the rest of the housing market, this project and others like it are faring better than most.

Simon explains the various strategies for incorporating farms into residential housing, from community gardens to contracting with local farmers.

"The trend has its roots in the growing distaste for prototypical suburban sprawl," she explains.

Full Story: An Apple Tree Grows in Suburbia


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