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Designing the Built Environment With Information Technology

A new project at the National Building Museum is collecting information to better understand the built environment. Next American City talks with the program's curator, Susan Piedmont-Palladino.

The project explores how information technology can play a role in urban design.

"Next American City: How do you hope you'll be able to apply the results to the museum's work, and in the world at large?

Susan Piedmont-Palladino: We always hear, "Aren't you just preaching to the choir?" And yet the choir isn't always paying attention. So yes, we do hope for that, but I would include in the choir the design professionals and the planners and the aficionados of sustainable development and smart growth. But there is also a congregation of people who are voluntarily participating, who want to educate themselves, who think they can take part in planning in their town. We'd like to grab some of the public who have been mystified about master planning or resources or density. We're hoping to lower the threshold to participation, and see some signs of success - like maybe some people out there will start to go to zoning meetings, or organize a walk- or bike-to-school group, or a city council might start to use social media."

Full Story: Better Information, Better Cities


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