Kunstler Says Glaeser is Living in the Past

In a two-part podcast, James Howard Kunstler dissects Ed Glaeser's recent presentation at CNU. Kunstler's main argument is that Glaeser's theories are based in past evidence - Kunstler believes scarcity of energy is going to change everything.

Glaeser, author of the attention-getting Triumph of the City, spoke at the 19th Congress for the New Urbanism in Madison, Wisconsin in June. Duncan Crary, the host of KunstlerCast, attended the event and brought some recordings back to Jim for a reaction.

Kunstler responds:

"Ed is kind of describing what happened in the 20th century and moving into the 21st century, and that's the way things happened. But probably the main reason for that had an awful lot to do with the energy arc we were on the uptrend of in all that time. And the fact that we were able to add more and more complexity to our economy and to all the activities associated with it, and to the things that ended up being the products of it...Where I depart from Glaeser is that [I think] the shape and character of the city is not going to be what he is expecting at all."

Full Story: KunstlerCast #162: Triumph of the City - Part 1


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