A New Look for the London Tube

Designer Mark Noad has created a new, more geographically accurate map of London's extensive subway system, "The Tube." Noad tips his hat to the classic, but says more lines have emphasized the inaccuracies.

Noad says the map will "make it easier to decide which route to take including whether it is quicker to walk between stations."

This clarity could be important: a recent study revealed that the current map leads 30% of Tube users to go a less efficient way than they could have.

Full Story: London Tubemap



map leads 30% of Tube users to go a less efficient way - WRONG

Jon Petrie

Per the link of "recent study" above > [Map] ruins 30% of journeys < & > up to 30 per cent of passengers are taking the ‘wrong’ route between stations<

An accurate statement: Per Prof Guo, between two stations whose relative positions are particularly badly represented on the standard London tube map, roughly 30% of passengers are mislead by that schematic map and take a longer route than necessary.

However, the vast majority of London tube passengers don't travel between London tube stations whose relationship is as badly misrepresented as the two of the summary article and/or are commuters whose behaviour, while heavily influenced by map distortions, is also influenced by actual experience.

I am arguing that the summary of Prof Guo's research and paper is misleading, not that the Guo paper is misleading. The research is important and the paper should be read.

Access the paper thru a PDF link in the second paragraph at http://londonist.com/2011/06/harry-becks-tube-map-causes-travel-confusio...

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