The New Yorker's Dizzy Love of the Suburbs

Nicholas Lehmann wrote a review earlier this week wrapping up all of the latest planning books like Ed Glaeser's Triumph of the City into one hodgepodge critique that boiled down to a defense of the suburbs.

Lehmann expressed his unabiding love of his home in Pelham, New York, and generalizes his love as an expression of all American's everlasting affection for suburban life.

Alan Berube at The New Republic points out that Pelham isn't exactly "the suburbs":

"It's not really 'sprawl' at all, of the subdivision/cul-de-sac/strip mall/drive-only variety found throughout many metropolitan areas. The problem is that the market and public policy have conspired to offer a limited number of these denser, well-connected types of suburban communities."

Berube goes on to explain that the places that Glaeser loves like Pelham wouldn't be possible without a nearby economic engine like Manhattan.

Full Story: The New Yorker Hearts Suburbs


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