A Big Plan in Many Small Parts

Philadelphia is embarking on a long-term planning effort -- one in a string of many efforts over the past few decades. But this effort is different, compiling many small-scale plans for the city's future.

"We are once again living in a time of pulse-quickening civic visions, thanks both to Mayor Nutter, who has made good on his campaign pledge to untie the hands of city planners, and the William Penn Foundation, which has picked up the tab for many of the studies. The planning frenzy is a huge turnaround from the Rendell and Street years. It now feels as if a new report comes out every month.

Tuesday, it was the "Philadelphia 2035" vision plan. Modeled on the 1960 Comprehensive Plan, it marks the first time in half a century that Philadelphia's Planning Commission has taken time to sort out its long-range priorities and identify projects key to its future. The 2035 plan will inform every major decision the city makes in the next 25 years, whatever the inclinations of the mayor who succeeds Nutter."

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Inga Saffron writes that this small-scale approach makes sense, especially in times when finding the money to implement plans is tough.

Full Story: Changing Skyline: A small-scale vision of Philadelphia's future


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