Council for Canadian Urbanism Calls for National Urban Policy

In an open letter to Canada's political parties competing in the current federal election, the Council for Canadian Urbanism calls on them to champion the Council's 10-point "call to action" on Canada's cities.

Citing urban policy initiatives as a strategic way to address multiple national priorities, the Council outlines 10 points for a national urban policy, including:

"1) A progressive and influential National Urban Policy, that recognizes the critical role of the success of cities in Canada's future.

2) A National Housing Policy that addresses the acute and growing need for affordable housing.

3) A National Transportation Policy that particularly addresses the need to expand active, cost-effective and sustainable forms of transportation, such as transit, rail, walking, and biking.

4) Effective Federal programs that will make us a world leader in combating climate change. There is a need to align the above three national policies in achieving this goal.

5) A national dialogue involving the Federal Government, Provinces and Cities on the development of new sustainable, long-term funding and legislative tools for urban resiliency and success.

6) Future Federal funding and stimulus programs focused on spending that supports urban resiliency and "smart growth"...[and a] de-prioritization of, or halt to, stimulus funding that promotes auto-dependency and urban sprawl."

Other points refer to eliminating perverse subsidies in the tax system; incentives for the construction of rental housing; reinstating the long-form census; and electoral district reform to more accurately reflect the increasingly urban character of Canada's population.

Full Story: Letter to national parties, call for urban policy


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