"Podiumism" and it's Discontents

Developer Brad Lamb is cranky about urban planners' insistence on building tall buildings on podiums that meet the street, then taper off in the Vancouver style to let in light and views.

Reporter John Bentley Mays talks to Lamb for The Globe and Mail. Lamb coined the term "podiumism" to draw attention to the Toronto planning department's insistence that buildings downtown have a certain structure:

"There's tremendous pressure from the planning department to create podiumism," Mr. Lamb told me last week at his corporate headquarters on King Street West. "You have to build a podium to your lot line, then you do a 10- or 20-foot setback, then you build a little more tower, then you do another setback. It creates the kind of wedding-cake architecture that exists in this city [and] that drives me mad."

Full Story: Breaking free of ‘podiumism’


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