Supermarkets in Britain Remain Controversial Even After Move to Town Centers

After the backlash of suburban development in the 80s and 90s, “supermarket-led development” in town centers remain a contentious issue in Britain.

Despite fewer instances of stand-alone stores, many still object to the practices of supermarkets, even when built in town centers. The Council on Architecture and The Build Environment, or CABE, however remains optimistic and supports such development that often now bring mixed-use facilities such as housing, sports, or schools.

CABE maintains, "'Supermarket-led development can restore life to a centre which has suffered from out-of-town or edge of town development, or just become very dated...In many mid-sized towns, the centre is blighted by a tired mall built two or three decades ago and treated by its owner as a pension rather than something to manage and maintain...Health centres, libraries, sports facilities and gyms can be arranged along streets and around public spaces, along with cafés and bars.'"

Full Story: Britain worries about supermarkets mangling town centers


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