Coworking is a Boon to Cities

With many scratching to make a living in a badly damaged economy, coworking is springing up to meet the needs of independent workers.

Philip Langdon writes about the growing trend of coworking:

"Coworking is surely a boon to cities, town centers, and other places where people's paths cross. Many coworking spaces are in urban locations or in centers of communities, in part because independent workers who want contact with others gravitate to those settings. Coworking provides another means of bringing more people into places that can benefit from their presence and imagination.

The movement can fill some of the empty spaces in urban centers and add to their liveliness. In a sense, coworking is a kind of Bootstrap Urbanism, taking Richard Florida's concept of the 'creative class' and applying it to today's difficult economic situation."

Thanks to Robert Steuteville

Full Story: When coworking comes to town


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