The Smoggy Side of Cleveland

A new government-sponsored 'HazeCam' provides a running feed of downtown air pollution, with the aim of prompting local residents to reconsider their commuting habits.

The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency hopes the project will inspire commuters to factor air quality impacts into their transportation decisions, perhaps by carpooling or not letting vehicles idle, according to Michael Scott. A camera mounted to the tenth floor of the MetroHealth Medical Center takes a picture every fifteen minutes and posts the photo online. Cleveland is frequently among the worst-ranked cities in the country for air quality.

Scott reports that most Cleveland civic groups seem to be supportive of the program. He quotes Joseph Marinucci of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance:

"I would hope it's not a negative view, but rather about how clean air is a health benefit. As long as it is used appropriately, for what it was intended and not to reflect negatively on the city, it's probably a good thing."

Full Story: Cleveland 'HazeCam' shows dirty pictures of the seamy side of sometimes smoggy skies


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