Help Me Help You Help Us! Planning Volunteers Wanted for Hoboken (Transport/Parking)

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We're doing a lot of fun, progressive stuff in Hoboken, NJ, and what we do here helps our industry push the envelope for the whole country.  But limited budgets and ever-critical politics make it incredibly difficult to keep the momentum on current and new projects with our limited staff.  Last year we created a new Department of Transportation and Parking, but we have been strapped from hiring on requisite professionals to manage all projects because, well, we don't have the money.  If you are a planning/engineering student seeking real-world experience to counterbalance academic theory, or if you are currently employed but looking for an outlet to independently exercise your creativity, I need your help in Hoboken, no matter where you live.

How does this work?

Presumably, you are an energetic, motivated, independent individual committed to finishing what you've started.  Yes?  Good!  So, write to me with your interest and agree to dedicate at least 5-8 hours per week of your free time on any of our projects that need planner/engineer assistance.  Our only expectation is that you follow through on your assignment to its completion.  Include your skills and interests, and if there is a particular project you are fond of, let me know that too; we are eagerly open to ideas and improvements on what we're doing (a list of projects is provided below).  In return, myself and my co-workers will work with you to find a manageable portion of one of our projects for you to help with.  It may be graphic design, planning sketches, presentation materials, photography, researching comparable ordinances/policy precedents, drafting new zoning/ordinance legislation, preparing program materials/collateral, mapping/geospatial analysis, data analysis, creating charts/graphs, preparing press release content, preparing outreach materials, coordinating with local agencies/organizations on new programs, developing interactive online resources and content, or any number of other aspects of real-world work in the planning/engineering field.  The projects at this point all fall within the transport/parking realm, and they are directly related to our efforts to develop a broad and enticing menu of alternative transportation options as we work with the community in shirking the "need" to own a car in Hoboken.

Hoboken's Department of Transportation and Parking is an innovative, relentless, "save the world" realm where you can gain exceptional experience and participate in industry-changing work.  It's also a place where the environment is a direct construct of the spirit of the people who perform the work that needs doing.  We're not paying in money; but hopefully the payback to your career is self-evident.  Our only requirements are a dedication to finish what you've started and a willingness to work collaboratively.

Please contact me at  i [dot/] sacs [at/] hobokennj [dot/] org if you are ready to volunteer.

List of Current and Future Projects (abbreviated):
- "The Hop" Community Shuttle Bus Program
- "Corner Cars" On-Street City-Wide Car-Sharing Program
- Bicycle Lanes and Parking Infrastructure Expansion
- Pedestrian Safety Outreach Program
- Corridor Redesign for Pedestrian Planning
- Hoboken Daylighting Inventory and Priority Mapping
- Redevelopment Zoning for Parking Management
- Bike Sharing System (planned) 
- "Walking Bus" Program (planned)
- "Safe Routes to School" (planned)
- "Club Ped" Pedestrian Awareness Program (planned)  
- "SeeClickFix" Constituent Feedback Program (planned)

Ian Sacs, P.E. is a worldwide transportation solutions consultant based in Finland.


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