Ghost Town Swallowed by Desert

A town built in the Namibian desert has been abandoned for decades. The sand has taken over.

These images from Environmental Graffiti show the development, a diamond boom town that was abandoned 55 years ago, and how the desert has taken over its buildings.

"After World War I and a fall in diamond prices, Kolmanskop's glory was in decline. In 1926, richer diamond fields were found to the south, and the population moved to take advantage of them. With the difficulties of getting water and supplies in and few diamonds coming out, the town was completely abandoned in 1954."

Full Story: The Ghost Town Devoured by the Namibian Desert



Ghost Town

I've been there and it is beautiful. They offer good guided tours but they also let you roam freely, at least when I was there two years ago. If you walk too far in most directions there are fences that keep you from wandering onto diamond property. You are free to explore all the homes and buildings in the pictures. I highly suggest walking up to the top of the hill and sitting in the concrete pool/water storage space, if you are looking at the Google map of Kolmanskop is looks like an empty square slightly apart from the homes. The view from the lip of the pool, from the top of the hill, really gives you a sense of how isolated the town must have been, it truly appears as if you are on Mars. The nearest town, Luderitz, is one of the most unique places I've ever been, I highly suggest visiting.

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