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America's "Forgotten Cities"

The website 24/7 Wall St. analyzes a number of sources of data to identify "dead cities" -- those which have lost their economic foundations.

The website 24/7 Wall St. examines ten of the most serious cases of urban decline in the U.S., speculating that some of them will "never recover."

"The economy has evolved so much since the middle of the 20th Century that many cities that were among the largest and most vibrant in America have collapsed. Some have lost more than half of their residents. Others have lost the businesses that made them important centers of finance, manufacturing, and commerce [The 10 "dead cities" on their list include:]

Buffalo [which] was wounded irreparably by the de-industrialization of America; Flint...[which] had almost 200,000 residents in 1960 and has fewer than 100,000 today; Hartford...once the 'insurance capital of the world,' the city's population peaked at more than 177,000 and has dropped to 124,000 recently; Cleveland had 914,000 residents in 1950. The figure is below 480,000 today; New Orleans...In the year after [Katrina], the population dropped to just above 250,000, down from 627,000 in 1960."

Rounding off the list are Detroit, Albany, Allentown, Atlantic City and Galveston.

Full Story: America’s Ten Dead Cities: From Detroit To New Orleans Read more: America’s Ten Dead Cities: From Detroit To New Orleans - 24/7



garbage story

this story was published to do little more than drive traffic to an investment site. what positive actions derive from its publication?

as for Allentown, the writer got it wrong. Allentown never had a major steel producer; that would be Bethlehem Steel.

Garbage Article

An at best cursory analysis of 10 economically depressed American cities. The level of research in each synopsis is embarrassingly weak.

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