The Importance of Kiosks and Carts

This piece from Re:Place looks at the urban impact of kiosks and food carts.

These small places of commerce can play an important role in encouraging local businesses and creating a lively urban realm, according to this article.

"In Portland you might enjoy a steaming bowl of curry, while in Accra a spicy box of jollof. Both purchased for a low cost and in a convenient location. What is known as a cart in Portland or New York, a kiosk in Accra or Moscow, might also be a booth, pavilion or a stand. Each is a different form of micro-enterprise that plays an increasingly important role in our cities today. A kiosk is an efficient way for an individual to start a business with low costs and short time, while providing an immediate service to an urban area. Congruently, the vibrancy of a neighborhood can be accentuated through the articulation of these small forms. But in spite of their proven role in developing walkable, socially intense communities, kiosks are an afterthought to urban design, and are impaired by insecure tenure, and generally considered undesirable."

Full Story: Making Space for a Kiosk/Cart Culture from Portland to Accra


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