Tech Companies Design Office Campus Of The Future

A new technology office complex in Silicon Valley will offer the ultimate in work environments. It's a throw-back to college.

"After a quick ping-pong match in the rec. room you grab a latte and your laptop and pick a spot on the lawn by the clock tower to begin your work. Sound like your typical day on campus? It is if you work at Sun Microsystems. On an 18 acre plot of land in Silicon Valley, international architecture firm KMD and Sun Microsystems are creating the workplace of the future. This new campus fosters a community of co-workers who come together each day not just to get the job done, but also to bond with each other. It is a place where Sun's corporate values of innovation and exploration are aggressively encouraged."

Thanks to Design Architecture

Full Story: Business Forecast: Sun; KMD and Sun Microsystems Team to Design the Office Campus of the Future


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