Barcelona Residents Make Major Planning Decision By Popular Vote

Barcelona, Spain is planning a redesign of La Diagonal, an important boulevard, and is asking citizens to make the final choice between two alternatives or no change at all.

The plan to open the process up to public vote is controversial.

From Arkinet:"...prominent figures like Josep Acebillo and revered Catalán architect Oriol Bohigas, have expressed their dissent, and not only towards the idea of opening up the decision to public opinion, but everything from the redesign to the creation of the tramline that started the whole thing. Both agree that the linear tram line dividing a main artery will inhibit rather than enhance mobility."

Full Story: Barcelona Will Vote for Diagonal Redesign



Barcelona Planning Decisions

I wish well the residents of Barcelona.

However, I am an Unfortunate visitor to the city in 2008 who was robbed twice by the famous pickpockets of Barcelona.

Is it possible for the city to be made safe from these pickpockets? Are there any planning solutions?

Prakash M. Apte
Urban Development Consultant

Prakash, Unfortunately,


Unfortunately, pickpockets are a big problem in Bcn, although the upside is in comparison to other intl cities, that's problably the worst thing that could happen to you (petty robbery as opposed to assault). Nevertheless, it sucks, and it shouldn't happen. But Im afraid that the problem has more to do with complex socio-economic issues, immigration policies, etc., than any single urban planning solution could address. Hope you come back despite your negative experience!


Barcelona, and everywhere else, forever.

More than two decades ago I spent three weeks in Italy and as a result of my reading before departing, I found plenty of warnings about pickpockets there. I never fell victim because I was vigilant and stored my money and wallet appropriately. One time in Rome I did catch a kid with his hand almost in my pocket and I took him by the wrist and slammed his face into the pavement, and magically there were perhaps two dozen kids ready to defend their fellow urchin. Perhaps more magically, I didn't see a dark-haired, dark-eyed kid near me again that day.

Nonetheless, there is little if anything anyone can do to rid the world of such people, and instead one must do what others have done for centuries, perhaps millennia.



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