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Editorial Urges NYC Reattempt Congestion Pricing

Mayor Bloomberg has joined an elite group of NYC members serving three terms. In this editorial, the Times suggests key planning and environmental issues that he should address if he is to make that term successful.

Despite spending a record amount of his own funds to win reelection to a third term, he only squeaked to a victory. While his first task will be to resolve a $4 billion budget deficit, the Times urges him to pursue the congestion pricing plan that the Assembly rebuffed two years ago.

"The environment is a tougher climb. The latest report on air quality from the city's health department is especially alarming: it showed unhealthy levels of pollution in high-population areas throughout the city. Mr. Bloomberg should revive his fight in Albany for some form of congestion pricing.

Cars are a big problem, but so are all of those buildings spewing black smoke. The Council approved an initiative that helps move toward Mr. Bloomberg's goal of cutting 30 percent of the city's carbon output by 2030."

"The next four years will test his political skills..." with Washington, Albany, and most of all, his own constituents.

Full Story: Editorial: Mr. Bloomberg’s Third Term


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