Scandinavian Cities Top European Green City Index

In a study released by Siemens AG and The Economist Intelligence Unit, Copenhagen tops the list of the greenest cities in Europe (out of a pool of 30 cities that were considered).

Warren Karlenzig comments, "Interestingly, all the laggard cities are located in either the former Soviet Union, or in former Soviet-controlled Eastern European nations. The difference between the overall highest ranking city, Copenhagen, at 87, and the lowest-scoring city, Kiev at 33 is substantial."

The rankings consider CO2, building efficiency, transportation, energy, water, waste, air quality, land use, and environmental governance.

Full Story: European Green City Index Released: City of Copenhagen Ranks Highest, Kiev at Bottom



Whether it’s Europe’s

Whether it’s Europe’s largest biomass power plant in Vienna, the continent’s most modern offshore wind power facility in Denmark, the recycling lottery system in Ljubljana, free rental bikes in Paris, landfills with methane production facilities in Istanbul, or buses equipped with systems that cause traffic lights to turn green faster in Tallinn, the study focuses attention on interesting projects in each city that can serve as models for the others.

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