Alex MacLean: Surveying a Changed Landscape

Photographer Alex MacLean talks about his book OVER: The American Landscape at the Tipping Point.

"MacLean demonstrated what he calls 'incredible rapid growth' through a photograph of a suburban development in Las Vegas where rows of construction sites consume every piece of open space in the frame. He implied the growth is partially due to population increase and residential zoning requirements, but it is also driven by the desire for each family to have its own private dwelling unit with its own private yard.

MacLean also noted that the average house size has doubled since 1970 and that new communities are taking up a lot more space."

Thanks to Ashley DeForest

Full Story: Alex MacLean: Surveying a Changed Landscape



Rapid Growth of Mass Produced Building Projects

Repeating previous statements I have made, the real "growth" problem we are facing is that of mass produced building. Prohibit the production of instantly constructed cheap buildings and the rate of "growth" decreases dramatically.

The statistics demonstrate that in many areas, development far exceeds population growth.

Much of the over development we are seeing is "forced" or "build it and they will come" development.

We have to pass state and federal regulations that permit primarily only small scale and durable quality home, commercial and office building that is sustainable and built to last. If we regulated the materials, design and number of units and square footage etc that could be built, we could reign in a lot of this "growth" also termed "sprawl."

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