Where There's a Will...

A Stanford professor and a UC Davis researcher say we could make the switch to 100% renewable energy by 2030... if we really want to.

"It seems like an absurdly difficult task, but Jacobson and Delucchi's point is that it's possible. We have the technical know-how and all the materials necessary to make this happen. But do we have the political will?"

Full Story: Can We Switch to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030



Rooftop vs vast array - no contest.

A headlining photo on the Fast Company article took me aback. What looks like maybe 5 acres of productive farmland was dedicated photovoltiac solar panels. I figure the better application for photovoltiac panels is 'rooftop' rather than giant arrays. The household with rooftop solar panels gains the means to store electricity in plug-in hybrid and battery-electric car battery packs, gains the means to survive an emergency grid failure, gains the means to more closely monitor household electricity consumption, gains the choice of whether to drive or cut utility bills. Driving less or driving shorter distances leads to more trips becoming possible without having to drive; walking and bicycling become more viable travel options, and mass transit becomes more practical to arrange. The grid gains the means to store surplus electricity generated during low demand hours and increase supply during high demand hours.

Not to worry, the article goes on to recommend a billion+ rooftop photovoltiac solar panels. It was just odd that the vast array on farmland was chosen to represent the best use of solar energy. What are these people smoking?

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