Church Charged With Zoning Violation for Food Giveaway

A church in Phoenix has been ordered to stop giving out free food to the homeless, which the city says is out of compliance with the church's zoning.

Various neighbors have complained about the weekly food giveaway, which they say causes disturbances in the neighborhood. The church is appealing the city's decision.

"The neighbor wanted to make clear that the neighborhood does not want to shut down the homeless outreach entirely; they would just like it moved to another location.

They believe their safety is being compromised in the current location and worry about the preschool located on the church property.

The city looked into the complaint and determined the church is violating its zoning ordinance."

Full Story: City To Church: Stop Feeding Homeless



Could be worse, could have been a farm.

Could have been worse, people could have put a farm in their backyard. They may try to grow tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables or fruit. They may even try to call it by a different name, "a garden". But it would still be a farm, and we can't have a farm growing vegetables or fruit in a residential area, even with a different name. Why they may even put their neighbourhood green grocer out of business, if everyone did it.

Wait a minute! Doesn't the White House have a farm/garden on the property in violation to Washington, D.C. zoning rules? Better call the authorities.

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