Think You Can Balance California's Budget?

The Los Angeles Times has created an interactive game where you can make the hard choices in where to cut the State's expenditures.

In trying to make up the shortfall of $26.3 billion, you can either raise taxes or cut expenditures. Possible cuts range from releasing non-violent offenders from prisons one year early ($130 million saved) to eliminating all new CalGrant scholarships ($200 million).

Full Story: You balance the budget



LA Times and CA Budget

The little interactive budget balancing feature the LA Times has created is very cute. It very typically presents all the cuts as an all or nothing proposition. Cut all contributions, etc. How about cut some contributions? Did the state employees union or teachers union contribute to the creation of this feature? It would be consistent with the scare tactics they use in their radio commercials.

Balance California Budget

I would start by eliminating wasteful spending. I would discontinue Medi-cal, Food stamps, Vision, Dental, and low income housing payments for all. There is a program for children who suffer from ADD, cut it out, because the parents are brain washing the children to get additional monies. I have seen this happen.
Then I would close all Schools that are not performing at the standard set by the State of California, and for the schools K-12, parents should supply their children with paper, pens, and pencils, I would remove these items from the budget. Cut out the free lunch programs, (we paid for our lunch when we were in school). I would have better screening for teachers and other staff members, to any of them are pedophiles, and this does nothing for the budget, except to add additional expense for parents suing the State, (or add a clause in their contract indicating they will be held responsible for any law suits that arise from pedophilia).
Cut or eliminate all new Cal-Grant scholarship, and yes I would release the non violent offenders from prison a year early.
Then I would discontinue all vehicle lessee programs, cancel all gas cards, and discontinue vehicle car insurance coverage to everyone. Do you know how much you could save yearly on tags, car insurance premiums, lessee fees?
The only vehicles I would keep are: emergency, police and fire, everything else is just an expense.
Put an allowance on lodging, and food spending for overnight travel. Discontinue housing for legislative member, including Mayors, and City Council Members.
I would also discontinue any additional payments to the hospital that delivered the babies for Nadya Suleman, her decision she should pay.

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