Census Undercounts May Cost State

An audit of the past census found that 373,567 Texans were not counted, for an estimated loss of $2,913 per person-or $1 billion in federal funds from 2002 to 2012.

"Census undercounts have historically plagued Texas, and with billions of federal dollars at stake for health care, schools and immunizations, officials say the state could lose millions if the count is not accurate in 2010.

If the undercount in Texas had been allowed to stand, losses for Medicaid, block grants and other services would have been dire.

For the upcoming census, President Barack Obama has turned to Robert Groves. The new census director said multiple-family homes and language barriers are among issues that affect every census.

Census data also is used to dole out $300 billion in federal funds. Last year, Texas received more than $26.2 billion in funds, according to the state comptroller's office."

Full Story: Inaccurate census may cost state


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