California Population Growth Continues To Slow

California's population growth slowed to 1.1% according to the state Dept. of Finance, down from 1.3% last year. Current population is 38.3 million. The LA Times looks at southern CA growth while the SF Chronicle reports on Bay Area growth.

"As California began nose-diving into a recession last year, its population growth flattened out, with some of the most significant slowing occurring in once-burgeoning inland areas such as Riverside County.

Riverside County, one of the fastest-growing areas in the state for several years, has been hit hard by high unemployment and foreclosure rates. It grew by 1.4%, compared with 2.4% the year before and an average of about 4% annually since 2000, state records show."

From San Francisco Chronicle:

"Population in California's cities and counties remained mostly stable as the state's population growth slowed to 409,000, or 1.1 percent, during 2008, down from 1.3 percent the previous year.

San Jose became the 10th city in the United States to surpass 1 million residents, while all Bay Area counties grew last year,

The state remains the largest in the nation, with a population of nearly 38.3 million, accounting for 12.5 percent of the U.S. population. The Department of Finance population estimates are traditionally higher than those of the U.S. Census Bureau because the state uses different data, including driver's license information, school enrollment and residential construction and demolition."

Thanks to MTC-ABAG Library

Full Story: California population growth flattens out


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