Nude Dude Ranch Forgets to Get Permits

Lotto winner Tim Clements followed his dream of opening a clothing-optional dude ranch in Brookings, Florida. One problem: he forgot to get any permits.

"The clothing-optional aspect of the business might also bring some government notice. [County zoning administrator Gary] Fisher noted that the county has a no-public-nudity ordinance, enacted in 2002.

At the time the County Commission was considering the ordinance, representatives of the Florida Naturist Association asked the county to allow nudist clubs, parks and resorts.

The group "suggested that the failure to include a specific provision authorizing nudity in nudist or naturist resorts constitutes discrimination against an otherwise legal use of property,'' according to a memo at the time by Assistant County Attorney Kent Weissinger.

He went on to say that the county's ordinance was based on one already tested in court and provided "the best means of prohibiting nudity in public places.'' Commissioners never approved the addition to allow nudity in clubs, parks or resorts.

Clements, 50, said he didn't think anything was wrong with the clothing-optional designation because of the remote location and the vegetation all around his property. 'My place is so private,'' he said. 'I'm always out washing the bus in the nude.'"

Full Story: Nude dude ranch opens in Brooksville without county permission


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