One Point for Supergraphics

The same judge who decided that banning outdoor ads is unconstitutional has rule that the city of Los Angeles acted unlawfully in denying an outdoor advertiser new permits. The city began trying to eradicate billboards and giant ads in 2002.

"The ruling could potentially allow other outdoor advertising companies to keep their supergraphics as well, even without permits.

'To the court's extreme displeasure, the city has not acted appropriately in response to this court's orders and the proliferation of signs in Los Angeles,' Collins wrote in the ruling. 'The court can only hope that the city's future conduct, both in practice, and in drafting legislation, reflects a principled approached to a serious issue that raises concerns not only as to the landscape of the city, but also as to the safety of its citizens.'

The judge also expressed 'real concerns' over whether city fire officials were inspecting supergraphics in the city's specially sanctioned sign district in Hollywood as thoroughly as they were supergraphics in other locations.

A spokesman for the city attorney's office declined to discuss the ruling, saying that it would be inappropriate to comment until the judge issues her final order, which is expected this week."

Full Story: Judge's ruling is a setback to L.A.'s efforts to combat supergraphics


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