Thinking Like Bucky

The Buckminster Fuller Institute has announced the 33 finalists in its Buckminster Fuller Challenge. All contest entries are featured on their website, ranging from an 'Urban Space Station' to an idea for 'making energy from dirt'.

"The jury will select the winner of the Challenge, to be announced to the public in May 2009. The $100,000 prize and the OmniOculi sculpture will be conferred at a public event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago on June 6th, 2009 to coincide with Starting With the Universe, the acclaimed retrospective exhibition on the pioneering legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller opening March 14th and on view until June 21st."

"'We are tremendously excited about the finalists to this year's Buckminster Fuller Challenge. They include an amazing array of comprehensive, integrated strategies to tackle the world's major problems, submitted by highly accomplished individuals and/or teams. They come from all over the world and we are thrilled that so many have been submitted by student teams. Every one of them will inspire interest and hopefully, support for their work - I think the jury is in for a very tough deliberation process!' says Elizabeth Thompson, BFI's Executive Director."

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Bucky's House

It is nice that people are tryingto keep Buckminster Fuller's work alive, but how about helping to maintain his house in Carbondale, IL? I live on the same street, only 2-3 blocks away and note with sadness the condition of the property. There are several people in the community that are trying to save the property, but the dome is not visible because it is covered by a protective plastic barrier that does not touch the house. Fund raising efforts by this group are limited because it appears that most of the funds they receive are from their own pockets.

If anybody is interested in donating to the project, you may contact me and I can try to contact them. (I am not a member of their organization.) There are people in Carbondale, IL that still remember him.

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