A Crowded Future for the Pacific Northwest

Population growth estimates foresee the equivalent of an additional 15 Seattles concentrating in the Pacific Northwest over the next one hundred years. How the region handles this growth is up for debate, but with a distinct sense of urgency.

"If you look at projections for the Pacific Northwest, through the 21st century, a population equivalent to 15 Seattles will move into this 'livable' corner of the planet."

"So as not to wreck the West, however, an expanding population must live largely within its present footprint. We can't bulldoze rural land forever, while burning ever more gasoline to get to work."

"But nobody dictates to Americans. We get our backs up when told to 'do what's good for you.'"

"The marketplace is where efforts to channel growth will succeed or fail."

Full Story: How will we fit 15 more Seattles here?



Does anyone really think a

Does anyone really think a forecast like this wind up having any accuracy? I think the track record of these sorts of forecasts is pretty dismal -- especially ones going out to 100 years! So much will change within 5 to 10 years that all their assumptions will likely be way off target. Events like 9/11, the credit crunch, housing bubble burst, etc.. may fundamentally alter the landscape.

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