Greenhouse Gas Plan Punts On Land Use Issue

In a surprising last-minute change, a new plan that outlines how California will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions does not include a concrete target for reductions attributable to less-sprawling land use patterns.

"A yet-to-be-appointed committee of regional planning agency representatives will refine the emissions reduction target for land use decisions, the California Air Resources Board decided on December 11. The board declined to establish the high target requested by environmentalists and smart growth advocates, and opposed by building interests and local government.

Air Resources Board Member Daniel Sperling said he understands why land use received heavy attention, even though it accounts for a very small part of the AB 32 emissions reductions. "There is so much frustration that's been growing over the years about sprawl and [there is a] desire to create better communities," Sperling said. "What we are doing here is breathing life into a movement."

Board Member Ron Roberts, a San Diego County supervisor, pointed out the state is handing an emissions reductions mandate to regional and local governments at the same time the state has eliminated all funding for transit. Greatly improved transit service is essential to cutting emissions, he said."

Full Story: Greenhouse Gas Plan Defers To SB 375 Process


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