Austin Aims For Greener Events and Festivals

Officials in Austin, Texas, are drafting what's believed to be the nation's most substantive sustainability policy for special events--including measures to reduce waste and conserve water and energy.

"The group's ideas, which are still in draft form, include:

• Banning plastic foam cups and the sale or distribution of bottled water at big events.

• Requiring event organizers to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass goods as well as food grease.

• Requiring recycling bins to be placed next to trash cans.

• Requiring bike racks, shuttles or readily available bus schedules.

• Requiring event organizers to buy renewable energy credits to offset carbon emissions.

The rules would apply only to events that have more than 200 attendees and that make use of a city building, sponsorship, street closure or fee waiver.

The city might start a green-star rating system for festivals and other events and create a green-events tool kit that suggests ideas and resources to help organizers comply, according to the draft."

Full Story: Group wants to make Austin events and festivals greener


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