Chickens Approved in Fort Collins

Urban chickens have been approved in Fort Collins, Colorado. Some, including one vocal city council member, are not happy about it.

"On Tuesday evening, the Fort Collins City Council voted 5-1 to allow residents to keep as many as six hens within city limits-purely for egg-laying and composting purposes, no slaughtering or roosters allowed."

"While the ordinance has chicken movement leader Dan Brown and cohorts jumping for joy-his latest celebratory chicken blog is titled "Cluck Yes!!!!!!"-councilman Wade Troxell still has a rotten taste in his mouth over the matter."

"'I think barnyard animals don't have a place in our neighborhoods,' he said, speaking with Fort Collins Now while on a trip in Copenhagen, Denmark that left Diggs Brown as the only vote in opposition to the second reading of the chicken measure."

"'I've had constituents in District 4 that currently have chickens next to them and they've called and complained about the smell, about the noise and about the flies,' Troxell said. 'I think you can paint a utopian view but at the end of the day it'll create a lot of issues between citizens and their neighbors.'"

Full Story: Cluck Yes: Fort Collins Council Allows Urban Hens


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