Best Towns in the U.S.

Outside Magazine looks at the best cities and towns for working, living and playing, with a focus on places that have experienced a renewal.

Chatanooga, Tennessee makes the cut for its urban renewal focused on the waterfront, while unknown Crested Butte, Colorado warrants a mention for its natural beauty and hot skiing scene. Ogden, Portsmouth, Tacoma, and Ithaca are all included in Outside's yearly Best Towns list.

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Best Towns

Best Towns: More amusing town PR trivia trying to grab you. Sell magazines. blah,blah,blah.

Best cities/towns etc ought to have some relevant criteria.
For instance, college towns like Corvallis and resort towns like Crested Butte should never be considered. Nor should places with incomes levels at the top of the heap be included.
How about some towns/cities/metros that are affordable for households 120% of median family income. Oh, also have a decent job base. Affordable workforce housing. A decent crime index. And maybe there should be a contest to see who can identify the most US "best town" lists of 2007 or 2008 or whatever period. Their name and the list and sources. The prize could be an all expense paid 4 day trip to a "good pick" place that is in the 140% range of median family income. And critique it on their return. So the rest of us can see what can be planned and achieved in the "real" America.

best towns

Have gotten my jollies by thoroughly trashing the practice of publishing "best town" lists.
Now, would readers please nominate the "Best" Best Town list and the magazine or other periodical in which it appeared.
And see what falls out. And where.

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