Cuckoo Clock Comes To City Square

A Dallas suburb considers whether to change its sign regulations to allow a massive cuckoo clock in a public space. European cities often have them, but American cities rarely do.

"For years, Karl Kuby says, his customers have been entertained by the cuckoo clocks in his German restaurant and market.

He and his son would like to provide the same kind of amusement to shoppers throughout Snider Plaza by installing a clock on top of his building at the southern end of the shopping center.

University Park's sign regulations prohibit such displays, but the idea could be kept alive if the city changes its sign law.

As early as next month, a city committee will study whether to allow exceptions for special signs. The ordinance bans signs such as clocks that move, rotate, flash, reflect or blink, so unless the change is made, the Kubys won't be able to install the 10-foot-tall, 6 ½ -foot-wide cuckoo clock.

'We feel that it would be an asset to Snider Plaza and an asset to University Park and to Dallas,' Mr. Kuby said, noting that such outdoor clocks are common in European towns but almost unheard of in Texas."

Full Story: Is it time for a cuckoo clock in Snider Plaza?


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