New Life for Ebenezer Howard's 'Garden City'

A campaign is underway in Wales to revive the "Garden City" concept, first brought to life in 1898. This time, supporters are claiming the radial, suburban plan is a sustainable alternative to cities.

"GARDEN cities, which provided idyllic living conditions in the early 20th century, could be the model for new property developments.

Planning experts believe that concerns over sustainability, energy prices and climate change, coupled with a shortage of affordable housing and attractive family homes, could provide the right conditions for garden communities to flower once again.

When the concept was hatched in 1898, Britain had been transformed by more than a century of rapid industrial development.Garden cities – or suburbs – were proposed as a solution to substandard and overcrowded housing and a lack of green space and clean air. The model was widely used in Britain in the early decades of the last century."

"But over the past few decades property developers have been in the driving seat, guided mainly by commercial considerations.

Now the Town and Country Planning Association, an independent campaign for a better planning system, believes the garden city principles should be applied to new settlements – including eco-towns and urban extensions – to provide attractive and sustainable environments."

Full Story: Planners shun urban deserts and call for a return to garden cities


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