Bridging Form and Function

Abhijeet Chavan's picture
David Sucher argues that France's spectacular new bridge is not just a feat of engineering -- it's architecture.

"...I'd suggest that it qualifies as architecture, maybe even top-notch architecture..."

Brian Micklethwait wonders about the reason for building the bridge:

"Economically it looks crazy to me. A few more curves on the road and they could surely have saved themselves billions."

Most of the photosgraphs I have seen of the bridge showcase its elegant structural beauty against a dramatic landscape. The photos of the bridge's slender towers soaring up from a fog-shrouded valley are indeed spectacular. As opposed to photos that focus on the bridge's form, Brian also linked to a photograph that shows the function of the bridge. It is a photograph of the bridge from the air during construction and it shows the terrain over which the bridge spans.

Here are both photos together, each illustrating a different aspect of the bridge.

France's new bridge (Times Online)

Source: Times Online

France's new bridge
Source: France from the Air

Abhijeet Chavan is co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of Planetizen.


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