Miami Moves Forward With Bicycle Planning

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If you think of the most bicycle-friendly cities in America, surely you do not think of Miami. In fact, if you have ever been to the "Magic City," or perhaps live here, you probably shudder at the idea of using two wheels instead of four. That may be changing.

Last Thursday, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz publicly proclaimed the City of Miami is working towards becoming a bicycle-friendly city. Details are still unfolding, but one of the most important steps is the creation of a bicycle master plan for the city. I will be working with several other dedicated volunteers, including the Green Mobility Network, as well as city officials to move the plan from paper to pavement. The first step is to map out the existing bicycle infrastructure (for which there is very, very little) and create a rational plan for its expansion.


Paris or Copenhagen we are not, but things are moving in the right direction for one of the most auto-dominated cities in America.

Stay tuned, as this blog will provide periodic updates on how Miami is achieving its goal.


Mayor Diaz's Public Proclamation. Click here to read.

Mike Lydon is Principal of the Street Plans Collaborative and co-author of Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Actions for Long-term Change (Island Press, 2015).



have you seen this?

Have you seen this?:

It is absolutely brilliant.

The Vancouver Manifesto

Mike Lydon's picture

Yeah, I caught that a few

Yeah, I caught that a few weeks ago. Brilliant, indeed.

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