One in Five Want Out of Sydney

According to a recent poll, one out of every five people in Syndey, Australia, is considering moving out of town. Many city high costs and a loss of job opportunities in the city.

"The latest Herald/Nielsen poll found 21 per cent of people surveyed are thinking of leaving Sydney, with 39 per cent identifying the city's high cost of living as their reason."

"Crucially, 22 per cent cited job opportunities elsewhere or a job transfer as their main reason for considering moving, while traffic congestion was the reason for 13 per cent."

"A separate study by the Centre of International Economics found NSW is losing jobs in a once-thriving sector that helped give Sydney its 'glamour city' tag."

"The Herald/Nielsen poll of 986 people, taken from February 15 to 19, found 26 per cent of men and 16 per cent of women said they were considering a move away from Sydney. Thirty-two per cent of people aged between 18 and 24 are thinking of getting out, and 27 per cent of people aged 25-39."

Full Story: The great Sydney exodus



Michael Lewyn's picture

Meaningless without comparative perspective

It may be that 20% of people are thinking of moving out of Sydney, or want to move out of Sydney, or whatever.

But for all I know, that may be true of any city in Australia (or for that matter, in North America). Without a comparative perspective- that is, without comparable data on other cities, this article is meaningless drivel. On the other hand, if the survey in question had shown how people in other cities answered identical questions, then the survey would tell us something interesting.

Prof. Michael Lewyn
Florida Coastal School of Law
Jacksonville, FL

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