Boomers Cause Boom in Hospital Construction

Hospitals are being built and renovated all across the country -- a trend responding to the aging baby boomer population.

"Wherever you turn, there are signs of a remarkable surge in hospital construction."

"In an article in Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, Dave Carpenter reported:"

"'The most significant expansion and replacement of U.S. hospitals since the post-World War II building spree continues to fuel a red-hot construction market. With hundreds of additional projects in the planning stages, it's a trend that's expected to last through the rest of the decade. ... The Sun Belt no longer dominates the action -- the second wave of construction activity has spread to every region. ... [Nationwide] new hospitals and clinics valued at $22 billion were under construction as of late 2005. ... Underpinning it all is increased consumer demand, especially as the first of the 77 million baby boomers turn 60 this year.'"

"For cities and towns, it's a tough dilemma. No one wants to drive up costs, but there's legitimate concern -- especially in smaller cities and towns -- about the consequences of losing their hospital, or not having a strong medical facility that will help attract businesses and meet the demands of the baby-boom generation and others."

Full Story: Hospital Boom(ers)



Someone should point this

Someone should point this out to the Canadian government, maybe there should be some big investment in Private Health Facilities?

Mike Thomas

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